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Our certified  male and female personal trainers in Orange County understand medical functions, how NOT to strain clients cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems; while providing a progressive approach towards health.  Each year Fitness by Kai requires  staff to take at least 2 types of courses that keep their minds fresh with the newest approaches in maintaining the physical well being of our clients.  That is the only professional way of being a successful trainer or any professional for that matter. Education and applied experience together can only bring positive results for a client/business relationship!


Kai and Melinda Standing1 682x1024 Meet the Trainers Kai Owner & Operator (Right) has been actively working in the fitness industry since 2003 and averages over 200 hours of training clients a month, with that being said she has seen it all. Not only is she a certified personal trainer, but Kai also holds a license in Pilates and Yoga. This is no side job, personal training in Orange County is life for Kai! In the past 10 years she has developed a strong grasp on the factors that are imperative to fitness. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easy. Mental strength, physical fitness and nutritional education all play a role to get or keep the body you want. At some point being active just isn’t enough. Most of you can relate. In turn, Kai strives to help her clients not only get in shape, but develop and practice a healthy lifestyle. Kai truly believes that getting fit begins from within. To do something you haven’t done you have to think in a way that you have never thought. As a fitness trainer in Orange County, Anaheim Hills and Newport Beach, Kai’s methods embody the essence of her own personal fitness philosophy… “Change your mind, change your body”! Read more……. 

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Melinda (Left) has always been passionate about fitness and health. She takes great pride in sharing her knowledge gained from experience and formal education. Her main goal is striving to share her knowledge to the best of her ability in order help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Melinda’s passion for fitness started at an early age, at just 4 years old she competed in the toddler Olympics which in turn sparked her interest in sports and fitness. Melinda has experience and knowledge in many sports that require high intensity and intelligence such as soccer, competitive dance, competitive gymnastics/cheer leading, track and cross country. Furthermore, her passion for Muay Thai and Jujitsu led her to compete in various competitions. Melinda couples her personal experience with years of professional training under her belt. Her applied knowledge stems from teaching kick boxing, leading group classes and performing one on one sessions that include children, young adults, adults and the elderly. Her educational background is vast and expanding. It includes sports nutrition and performance courses, anatomy and physiology, business, human diseases, physics and of course she has gone through rigorous coursework that has earned a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine also known as NASM!

Melinda’s versatility provides the perfect balance between personal trainer and motivator. She understands what it takes to learn something new from someone since she trains in Jujitsu. Melinda uses her experience as as martial arts student  to recognize what it takes to help someone who is in need of guidance using a compassionate yet stern approach. She has a unique style of personal training that is not like any other cookie cutter personal trainers you see or experience in Orange County. Melinda’s fitness philosophy is ” Eat Clean, Train Mean, Live Lean”! Melinda averages 150 hours of training clients per month making her education and experience a great mixture for getting clients weight loss results! Click To See Melinda’s Transformation

Melinda’s Certifications:

*CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

*CPR Certified

Trainer Chris 300x225 Meet the Trainers

Chris- The first thing about Chris is that he embodies everything that Fitness by Kai believes in. Hard work, dedication, understanding, empathy and results! Chris was a former client (click to see transformation)of Fitness by Kai for over 2 ½ years meaning that he fully understands the theory behind our madness! As our favorite male personal trainer, Chris achieved results by using Fitness by Kai’s program so he knows how it works and understands how to correctly apply it to our clients. Chris has a  Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Long Beach State University and a minor in sport conditioning, but pursued a career in health and human services with a different rite after playing a season of basketball overseas in Prague.  He took on a job as a teacher; where during his physical fitness classes he emphasized technique to children and young adults which really fine tuned his technicality in form and  his communication skills. As most of us  know, young adults and children take words literally, so it is very important to be able to articulate directions, pay attention to detail and convey concepts clearly. Part of doing so earned Chris an award as an Innovative Teacher for the Irvine Unified School District.  Patience and clear articulation of movements allows him to teach you the basis of what your body will be building on from the ground up. Presently, Chris coaches the  Northwood High School Girls Basketball team. Moreover, he does one on one skill development for  high school and middle school level athletes in order to build their skills to play in competitive leagues such as AAU and high school basketball, while helping them understand the significance of becoming a model citizen and team player. His main emphasis is core strength, hand/eye coordination, speed and agility, strength building, weight loss and high intensity workouts. These experiences give him a vast background in many fitness related areas. With over 3 years of training experience and an average of 150 training hours per month, Chris can help you get where you want to be!

Chris’ Certifications:

*CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

*CPR Certified



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