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The personal trainers at Fitness by Kai have a natural flare for personal training in Orange County! Their uncanny ability to take basic elements of fitness and reinvent movements in ways that are vibrant, unique and exciting is bar none. Below is proof of why at Fitness by Kai, they believe they are the right personal trainers in Orange County for you! By having Fitness by Kai and her Newport Beach personal trainers by your side, you to can have your own weight loss story! Empowering our clients is our main goal! The trainers will show you how to lose weight, eat right and show you how to exercise properly. Remember; your before and after story not only changes your life, but motivates others around you to get fit and change their bodies, minds and well being! Be an inspiration, start making a change today. These Fitness by Kai clients can be contacted as references anytime. Just ask we will get you in touch with them at any point! To read more testimonials other than the ones below, see Google Reviews or Yelp Reviews by clicking the links!

Trainer Kai-“I Knew I Had To Do Something About How I Felt and Looked, So I Did!”

KaiKelly beforeAfter3 205x300 Success Stories/Testimonials

Fitness By Kai Personal Trainer Melinda- “I Had It In Me I Just Needed to Get Up and Do It”!

Melinda Before and After 300x25811 Success Stories/Testimonials


Chris-”The Trainers at Fitness By Kai Got Me Shredded”

sark3 300x135 Success Stories/Testimonials

Kathryn-”Fitness by Kai Transformed Me!”

Kat BandA1 300x161 Success Stories/Testimonials


Fitness by Kai helped me transform my body in the past 9 months! I lost 16 lbs, 19 inches and 7.5% body fat..all before my high school Senior Graduation!

Lana-“Fitness by Kai Helped Me Lose 22 Pounds!”

Lana Befor and After Success Stories/Testimonials

I always loved tennis, but the hustle and bustle of life just got to me and the weight I put on really discouraged me from playing. I found Fitness by Kai on Yelp and was glad I did. Kai helped me lose 20+ pounds and got me moving again. Now I enjoy tennis with friends once again! Not to mention it helps me keep the weight off!

Carissa I Can’t Believe The New Me!!
C BA 2 247x300 Success Stories/Testimonials

I never imagined I would look like this when I started a year ago! I feel so healthy and strong. I have lost 21 pounds and 20.5 inches off my total body! I could not be happier with the results!

Chandler-“I Lost 60 Pounds With Fitness by Kai!”

CBeforeandAfter 300x196 Success Stories/Testimonials
From video games and watching movies to running a marathon! Fitness by Kai helped me change so much in 1 year. My commitment to myself and her commitment to my goals has been the major recipe for success!



KJ-“Fitness By Kai Got Me in Shape for My Wedding!”

kj35 Success Stories/Testimonials
I started out taking Kai’s Newport Beach boot camp on Saturdays. Although it was great, I had a wedding coming up and wanted to look great like all girls do on their wedding day. I upgraded from her boot camp to one on one personal training with her in Newport Beach. The above picture was taken on 4th of July 2010. My wedding day was March 12th 2011. In 7 months Kai showed me how to lose weight an transformed me. She listened to my desired goals, personalized a work out routine and we got to work. With her knowledge and skill and my dedication, my results were nothing less than superior. I lost 26 pounds and felt great on my wedding day!!!

Jenna-“Thanks to the Trainers At Fitness by Kai I Finally Fit In My Pre-Wedding Jeans!”

Text Message From Fitness by Kai Success Stories/Testimonials

Tara-“Fitness by Kai Got Me Off My Butt and Motivated. I lost 40 Pounds!”

Kara 300x260 Success Stories/Testimonials
I met Kai I was pretty lazy. I didn’t even know how to exercise properly and know where to start! Sitting on the computer all day at work, then when I got home I would get sucked in the world of Face Book. Before I knew it walking up the stairs would make me short of breathe. One day I decided to take a walk and saw Kai running down Cliff Drive. She stopped to stretch, I asked her for some tips because she was in such good shape. She said, “why don’t you come in for a free assessment I am a personal trainer in Newport Beach”. Well I had nothing to lose but weight so I gave it a try 2 days later. Well the free assessment turned into 12 months of personal training sessions! I lost 40 pounds. learned how to lose weight and unique work out routines. Kai stuck by me even when I was being difficult, motivated me without yelling and in the end changed my life! Kai is truly an inspiration! Thanks

Karin-”Fitness by Kai Helped Me Brush Up Some Rough Edges!”

Kar Time 300x179 Success Stories/Testimonials
I was already in decent shape, but there were some areas of my body I really wanted to tighten up. After trying my own workouts I decided to invest in Kai as my personal trainer in Newport Beach. We did a little tweaking of my diet foods added some new workout exercises I got my desired results within 3 months. I now train with Kai at least once a week just to keep me sharp and hold myself accountable so I don’t forget how to lose weight;). Sometimes accountability is all someone needs.

Sarah-”Fitness by Kai Helped Me Understand That I Am Not Limited In My Strengths! I Lost 35 Pounds!”

BeforeAfter31 300x208 Success Stories/Testimonials
I met Kai through a close friend. We talked a few times before I started to train with her and we clicked right away. She is very caring and I felt that if I began to train her with I would not just be another number. As I thought, Kai got me the results I wanted. She used progressive workout routines and eased me back into shape. She never yelled, kept me accountable and really went out of her way to make sure I was keeping on track with my workouts!

Tim-“Fitness by Kai Got Me Ready For My Beach Body and Vacation, I lost 9 pounds in just 4 1/2 Weeks !”

Personal Training Newport Beach Jim Success Stories/Testimonials

Chandler- “I Lost 20 Pounds in 3 Months!” (See Chandlers Yelp Review Here or Click on Photo To Enlarge)

Chandler K1 180x300 Success Stories/Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Jen- “Fitness by Kai Got Me Where I Wanted to Be”!

JenBA Success Stories/Testimonials

I was referred to Kai by my teammate Lindsay after she worked with Kai in order to stay in shape. After trying out for the Laker girls I made the team, but I had to “tighten up” according to my coaches. Kai knew from training Lindsay what we needed to focus on and we got to work. After 4 months of working with Kai and following her intense instructions we got it done. You can see the difference in my belly BIG TIME!! I was happy, my boyfriend was happy and my bosses were happy in the end! Kai knows her stuff especially with athletes and let me tell you she can keep up if you make her prove it…lol! I would recommend her to anyone who is ready and willing to put in work, listen and lose weight!

Stephanie-“I Finally Got to Compete In My First Fitness Competition Thanks to Fitness by Kai!”

Weight Loss Success Stories Success Stories/Testimonials
I started out at a body weight of 148 lbs and 26% body fat when I first came to Kai in November of 2010. After committing to have the body of fitness model I finally accomplished my goal! After a lot of hard work and dedication I made it! Now I weigh 128 lbs and 12% body fat! I dropped a staggering amount of weight and cut my body fat to less than 50%! I am so excited to compete!

Lindsay- “Fitness by Kai Helped Me Make Laker Girls Again!”
lak 150x150 Success Stories/Testimonials

I was trying out for my second season with the Laker Girls and found Kai. Yes we have to try out every year and it’s our own responsibility to stay in shape during the off season if we want a shot at making the team! I needed a workout routine that would not only keep me in shape, but keep my endurance up during my dance routine at tryouts. After a lazy summer, I chose Kai because she promised me she would cater our work outs so that I remain flexible, keep my stamina and of course look good for tryouts. She delivered it all and was very professional while training me. She kept my identity confidential and never told anyone she was training a “Laker Girl”. Needless to say I made it!

Maurice- “I Got The Old Me Back!”

Mo Before and After 300x159 Success Stories/Testimonials

After becoming single after 7 years I knew I needed to get rid of my “comfort weight”. While training with Kai I lost 10 pounds and 3% body in a little over 2 months. I stuck to all our scheduled workouts and the diet plan because I was determined and the hard work paid off! See Maurice’s video testimonial here.


Aren & Danae-“We Love Personal Training As A Couple With Fitness by Kai!”

Couples Trainer Orange County 154x300 Success Stories/Testimonials

Aren and Denae- “It’s always great to look good as a couple! We love going to the beach taking our shirts off with confidence! We have been training with Kai for over a year now and the results have been overwhelming! Kai has a unique way of taking 2 skill levels and making them mesh so that each person is getting maximum calorie burn and personalized results! Thanks Kai!

Lou-“Its Never Too Late to Get Back in Shape!”

l1 300x132 Success Stories/Testimonials
I am 60 years old and needed to desperately get in good cardiovascular shape. I am an example that it its never too late to be dedicated to your body! Kai has been a great influence and I look forward to each session with her!

Other Reviews

“Debera’s Success 4/23/12 Click To Enlarge”

deb facebook test 300x84 Success Stories/Testimonials




Debera started with Kai on Oct 15, 2011. The above is a screen shot taken from Debera’s post on Kai’s Facebook page on 4/23/12. In just 5 months she lost 30 pounds, but what is more impressive is the total loss of 8% percent body fat! A loss of 8% body fat is a huge overall health gain! Debera is not done yet!


Tessa11 Success Stories/Testimonials
I was feeling that even though I was constantly varying my routine, nothing was changing. I started working out with Kai my personal trainer in Newport Beach and now I am stronger than ever! Kai pushes me and challenges me every week with fresh and fun work out routines. She is knowledgeable and customizes the workouts specific to my abilities, but adjusts them regularly so it never gets easy or boring. She is a fantastic personal trainer and a shining example of her knowledge and experience of personal training in Newport Beach. I always look forward to working out with Kai! She really has the key to not only your weight loss, but the key to teaching you how to lose weight properly. Thanks Kai for being the best female personal trainer in Orange County -T. Mass


CjDrew21 148x300 Success Stories/Testimonials

After playing at Cal State University San Bernardino, I had 6 months of off season before leaving to Germany. Kai trained me in Newport Beach specifically for change of speed and endurance as well as leg strength. After 3 months of hard basketball training workout routines with Kai in Newport Beach, I was in great shape and ready for European pro basketball and the Drew League. Kai would show me the drill and get my form right; then actually do the workouts with me. I love competition and by Kai joining the drills she pushed me farther! Click to See Part of My Routine -Chet

*All California Collegiate Athletic Association mens basketball second team.

*German Pro League 2009-Present

Facebook Testimonial From Melissa from the Before and After at Top of Page- Click Picture to Enlarge

FB Testimonial Success Stories/Testimonials Via Facebook

Email from client-

If you’re like me and can’t make it to the gym on your own and you’ve
made the active decision to get fit, Kai Kelly is exactly who you
need. Core, Strength, flexibility and Endurance. You’ll feel great
Physically and Mentally. She will teach you, inspire you, and most
importantly, support you. She’s changing my life in ways I never
expected. Let her change yours too!

Feeling Better Every Day,

Kai Kelly client/2011

Hey Kai,

I want to thank you for all of your help over the past four months with my
successes , weight loss, endurance, and overall better health! You really showed me how to exercise and for that I am so grateful. You have been very beneficial as my personal trainer in Newport Beach. Helping me to get in better shape, I am truly thankful for that. You have been so amazing with everything! I will be utilizing everything you
taught me to work out on my own as I start my new journey. You’ve been the best Kai , and I’ll definitely recommend you.

Email from Sara O.

When it comes to a personal trainer , it will take a lot to impress me. Kai will not shout in your face, beg you to come do your workout or yell at you if your one cheat meal turns into a week long cheat meal. If you are excited for change- she will make it a reality. Kai is very “to the point” which is what I love about a personal trainer and has a no nonsense approach that is backed by science, personal experience and education. When I workout with her, she focuses on workouts that involve the whole body like bur pees…. and other workouts that I try to forget about .. haha. She knows how to challenge your body, I love it. I have seen amazing weight loss results with Kai.. AND can I just say… HER BODY.. is enough to motivate you… Anyways she deserves all the credit she can get. If you are looking for personal training in Newport Beach and change… Kai is somebody you need to contact.

Yaz (Via

Just started and I can tell you Kai trains out of a well run gym as well as she’s a great trainer. Really looking forward to working there and with her. Never need to look else where for a trainer! Stop right here. Just don’t take my time slots!

Nicole K . Via Yelp

I have been training with Kai Kelly for about 7 months now. I met with 2 other trainers in the Orange County area before meeting with Kai and thankfully I chose her. She has been nothing but motivation for me and the results I have got are really exciting for me. I have lost a little over 14 pounds and I love the way I look and feel! Her commitment to me has far surpassed my expectations from a personal trainer. Thanks Kai!

Tatiana K. Via Yelp

Client Testimonial Success Stories/Testimonials

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