If you are someone who is truly ready for a change, it is imperative that you hire a personal trainer in Anaheim Hills that will be with you during each phase of your journey. Choosing a personal trainer in Anaheim Hills is like the dating world. Why? When hiring a personal trainer you are making a commitment. You are making a commitment have this personal during you high times and low time. The personal trainer in Anaheim Hills will dictate your training and nutrition hence putting some of your health in their hands. Hiring a personal trainer brings you accountability, motivation and hopefully a fast track to weight loss.
Have you ever unknowingly stepped in Bruno’s house of pain? Or have had a trainer who is on his or her cell phone while merely counting your reps paying no attention to your form? The list goes on and on with horror stories. Therefore, being comfortable with who you hire is of utmost importance. Below are the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients that help them decide whether I am the right personal trainer in Orange County for them. If you live in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar, Garden Grove or anywhere in the Orange County area, these questions may help you find the personal trainer right for you.

Anaheim Hills Client: What if my fitness level is not up to par?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: My personal training in Anaheim Hills  method is built around a progressive model. I gauge your level of fitness and build up from that point according to your specific target areas, needs or weight loss goals. I have taken on all levels from novice to advanced, either way I will be the catalyst to your fitness goals.

Anaheim Hills Client- What is your training approach?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: At Fitness by Kai I will push you, encourage you, support you and challenge you with a unique style. At no point will I yell at you or talk you down to motivate you. I will push your body by testing your strength, will power and endurance. This is done by fatiguing your body in different ways in order to make your adapt to the stress. This is the only way you will move toward weight loss, toning up, gaining muscle mass or whatever your goals maybe.

Anaheim Hills Client: What if I miss a session?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: We all have busy lives and circumstances do arise. As a courtesy I do ask you give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation on a personal training in Anaheim Hills session. Each case will be looked at on an individual basis to determine whether cancellation charges will be applied.

Anaheim Hills Client: Is your gym in the Orange County area overcrowded, as I would like sessions as private as possible?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: Thankfully, the private gym in Orange County is well equipped yet extremely private! Although they maybe others in the room personal training, there usually is no more than 2 others in the same room at a time. This allows me to provide personal attention for individualized results!

Anaheim Hills Client: Do you provide in home private sessions?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: I understand you may feel more comfortable in the privacy of your home gym, living room or backyard. Therefore, I offer private in home personal training in Orange County  and  Anaheim Hills area to better serve you and your fitness/weight loss needs and goals. I bring all the necessary equipment to you!

Anaheim Hills Client: How do you handle clients that are recovering from or have a recent injury?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: I look at each situation on a case by case basis and evaluate whether you are suitable or ready to start your personal training program. If your injury allows you to work out with Fitness By Kai I will make sure to adjust thepersonal training routines to suit you.

Anaheim Hills Client: Can I work out with a partner?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: Of course! In partner situations I prefer and encourage friends and family to become partners. Otherwise, I have found that scheduling and consistency becomes an issue hindering the progress of desired fitness goals.

Anaheim Hills Client: Do you provide a meal plan?

Orange County Personal Trainer Kai: Yes! Free of charge, unlike other personal trainers in Anaheim Hills!



As veteran personal trainer in Anaheim, Newport Beach Irvine, Orange County, Orange, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Tustin and Fullerton Kai at Fitness By Kai understands your needs and how to get you the results you desire!

Fitness by Kai offers personal training in Anaheim  year round, while also providing, Personal Training in Orange County, Boot Camps in Orange County,  Personal Training in Yorba Linda, Personal Training in Fullerton  Corporate Personal Training in Orange County  plus more!


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