How Kai Got Started

How Fitness By Kai Got Started

Unknowingly, I began my personal training  career the first time I stepped out on a track in grade school. I subliminally gathered techniques from coaches and clinics as I developed into a high school track star. This cultivated my arsenal of fitness, weight loss and stretching techniques. Fitness ran through my family blood! Beside my coaches, I had the honor of being trained by my father when I was not training formally at my respective club or school. My Father (who was an Olympic qualifier) was the greatest coach and inspiration any one could ever ask for. My sister was also an athlete her whole life and became a Personal Trainer at age 18. At home, my sister would teach me her methods and what she gained each time she returned home from a new seminar. I began assisting her in kick boxing classes at a woman’s gym when I was 15. After high school, I realized that physical fitness and personal training was the route I wanted to take. For one, I loved it. I also cherished the relationships and happiness I felt from being part of a team, being coached and mentored by people who cared during my development. Why not pass this along I thought. Why not try and help people develop in fitness and live better? It is a feel good situation for both parties. After I was done with school in Texas I moved to Southern California to pursue my passion for personal training.

In most big box gyms in Orange County, I have seen have a lack of empathy and a turn and burn mentality from the personal trainers because of their business philosophies. Most gyms aren’t set up for a trainer to be a trainer; they are set up for the company to make money, it somewhat catered to the individuals fitness needs, but not 100%. This is not my style. My personal training style is to care about my client’s needs, struggles, and goals while finding unique and fun ways to produce positive fitness results in Orange County. If they fail, I fail.

I give my clients what they deserve. Real care and real results! This led me to begin personal training at a private gym in Newport Beach. This allowed for private personal training with focused attention solely on my clients in the Orange County and Newport Beach areas. Furthermore, it provided for work outs that were more efficient. I never had to worry about a particular exercise machine or are of space being unavailable. I had a great mentor and elite trainer who showed me unique techniques and fine tuned my training skills. He was not easy on me as he demanded the best from me and in turn for my clients in Orange County.  I attended more personal trainer classes, boot camps and invested in other trainers in the fitness industry to gain more insight to better serve my students.  It goes back to that cheesy commercial from the 1990’s; “the more you know” the more you can pass on. As a matter of fact I was featured on Tracy Andersons workout special on Extra in 2011. By constantly learning and applying current fitness and personal training techniques it brought me to the place I am at today. Moreover, by having multiple clients to work out with on a daily basis in Orange County, I was am able to further enhance my interpersonal skills. My Orange County personal training clients teach me as much as I teach them by the way they act and communicate with me. The trainer to client connection I have experienced so far has been nothing less than amazing and for that I am grateful for everyday!

So there you have it. That is how I basically got started in the personal training profession and started Fitness by Kai. A self made young woman in the quest to acquire and provide as much knowledge and understanding to others about fitness, weight loss, and diet, in Orange County and Newport Beach without the comfort of a daily paycheck from a large fitness corporation. I currently train out of No Limit in Anaheim Hills, a reputable, team oriented, privately owned business and well known facility providing results for over 15 years!

Fitness by Kai offers private personal training sessions, nutritional counseling, group sessions, in home personal training and boot camps in the Orange County and Newport Beach areas!  This career has its challenges, but has been an overwhelmingly satisfying career path. No Limit is bar none the best private personal training studio I have worked out of while operating Fitness by Kai. Training with me is nothing like training in a large health club where there are too many people and not enough machines. The fitness center in Orange County I work out of is private and personable. You are not just a person who walks in and provides a finger print. My personal training  sessions give you personal attention with no unnecessary stimuli. Remember, “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around”.

Please note: Although I was active, I also struggled with my weight as you can see before and after picture. I know what it feels like to hate looking in the mirror and change clothes a dozen times before walking out the door or feeling guilty for eating something I should be enjoying. I have tried every “get thin quick diet” imaginable in my toughest times. Those seemed to slim my wallet more than my waist!  In the end, I found that a balanced nutritious diet coupled with a consistent training routine is the ONLY HEALTHY LONG TERM weight loss solution! Motivating each one of my clients to discover their true capabilities when it comes to losing weight is my greatest gift.  If you choose me as your Orange County  personal trainer, I will provide you with the tools to transform your body and maintain it for years to come.



Kai has been a trainer close to 10 years in and around Orange County. She has helped numerous people lose weight in a multitude of sub regions and be recognized as a premier  Newport Beach personal trainer, a premier Costa Mesa personal trainer, a premier Irvine personal trainer , a premier Santa Ana personal trainer, a premier Huntington Beach personal trainer, a premier Corona Del Mar personal trainer, a premier Fountain Valley personal trainer, a premier Anaheim Hills personal trainer, a premier Orange personal trainer, a premier Villa Park personal trainer, a premier Yorba Linda personal trainer, a premier Garden Grove personal trainer, Santa Ana, Anaheim and more!

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